Your incredible journey came with a permission slip. Get it here.


Let’s talk about music.

Music not only inspires me, I’m convinced that it delivers metaphorical messages.

Sometimes I like to put Pandora on shuffle and play musical roulette to get a glimpse of what the day will hold.

Some nights, the jukebox in my head plays all night long, insistently keeping me awake until I decode what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

At times, an obscure song playing in a department store dressing room answers a question I’ve thrown out to the Universe.

On the most notable occurrence, and despite my fear, it lovingly, and quite insistently, ushered me back into the arms of My Love.


Facing the Music

I remember that as a new coach, I was processing so much: my own internal expansion; a new career; an avalanche of new information; risking it all to do what I love. I created a blog to help me process and share and I called it My Musaic.

In the Musaics, I wove my new knowledge with the lyrics of songs to augment how readers would experience and process what I had to say. It was an awesome blog, if I do say so myself!

I couldn’t spit Musaics out fast enough. Inspiration, ideas and words flowed like a beautiful stream after a week of showers. And the blog was so much fun to create.

Until it wasn’t. 

Blogging began to feel like a to-do. “I should write a Musaic because it’s been a week…”

And the flow slowed.

To once a month.

Then once every 3 months.

Obligation replaced inspiration. Writing became a chore. So I quit.

No longer a blogger, now I was a quitter.

You can imagine what that did to my momentum as a new coach…can’t you.

Well hold on just a minute.


If you’ve stopped doing something that felt like an expectation, a chore or a should, then I say, BRAVO!!!

My mistake wasn’t in giving up the blog, it was in perceiving myself as a quitter and beating myself up – which left me void of all inspiration and threw me into months of self-doubt.

Had I only given myself permission, I wouldn’t have found myself stuck in the muck of indecision.

Your incredible journey came with a permission slip.

If you find yourself in a similar place, I invite you to incorporate permission into your every day.  Did you forget to sign it? If it slipped by you, you can use this handy-dandy version.

permission slip image

 Download your permission slip here.

When you give yourself permission to follow your heart and trust yourself, your journey will become an adventure!