Connecting the Work You Love to the Success You Want to Achieve

by Linda Bucher

A work written about Linda’s philosophy:






– Linda Bucher

A Note from the Author

The Confident Coach is a love letter disguised as a paperback, infused with practical guidance that I want to share with you so that you can confidently give your gifts and travel your path to success. Whether you’re a life coach, a business coach, an art coach or any other kind of expert who helps others by using your gifts, this book is for you. It will take you on a journey through the depths of yourself where you’ll:

And it comes with a downloadable workbook filled with exercises and magic.

The Confident Coach is NOT a how-to business book with a one-size-fits-all recipe for success. Instead, I encourage you to stop what you’re doing, step back, and journey deep within yourself to connect what you’re doing and how you’re doing it to who you are. 

Why did I write this book? Because once upon a time, I was exactly where you are now. When I first became a coach, I was uncertain and directionless which resulted in a major lack of confidence. My coaching practice wasn’t what I had dreamed it could be and I spent my days in fear that I’d have to tuck my tail between my legs and go back to the corporate world.

I also believed that to be successful, I had to have it all: a perfect website, competitive (read: way too low) rates, and be entirely free of limiting beliefs and stumbling blocks before I could help others. I thought I had to do things the “right” way. But that “right” way wasn’t MY way at all. In fact, it was the wrong way for me.

I went through fire, survived the ups and downs and growing pains that accompany growing as a coach and building a practice. I know the value firsthand of having an experienced coach on your side while you go through it all. And, now that I’m on the other side? I’m excited to help YOU get through it, too.

We who are called to help others are kindred spirits. We have a common desire to help, to heal, and to expand for the highest good. We’re meant to learn from each other – all the better to help the world. You’ve got desires, ambitions, and brilliance all your own and the sooner you get clear on which way to go, the sooner you can give the precious gifts you’re here to give.

In gratitude for the beautiful work you’re doing, 

Customers reviews

A Must-Have Resource for Coaches

This book cuts straight through the mind clutter and re-energizes the reader. Every coach needs this book to reconnect to their deepest motivations for choosing this profession. It's an easy read. Don't let its crystal clear simplicity fool you; this book is a resource I continue to refer back to for profound shifts and reconnection to my real purpose.
Jill Farmer

A Definite Must-Read

A unique, honest, easy-to-understand and digest, valuable resource which I will use again and again.The author's thoughts are highly insightful and she is generous in sharing her enlightened knowledge. I've read several books in this category, but this book is different. It is a truly useful tool, worth every cent!
Deborah Gregg

This Book Serves!

Linda's passion and enthusiasm for the coaching profession and for life in general is bubbling out of her like a big pot of pasta that is ready to serve! And that is what this book does. It serves! As a coach myself, who is pretty clear on my path, I still gobbled up every bit of wise advise and practical knowledge. Like any good coach, Linda ask and re- asks the RIGHT QUESTIONS to get the reader to dig deeper for the answers inside of them. Until... Voila! Clarity!
Andrea Snyder


Linda Bucher is lighting the way for ripple makers to learn, grow, thrive, and affect positive change in the world.
Linda believes that each of us has unique gifts to share with the world and that you are here to make big, beautiful, positive ripples that no one else can make. Linda’s gift is lighting the way for that to happen.
At the heart of everything she does, Linda is a ripple maker and a servant leader. As a  master coach, mindset mentor, speaker, show host, author, and MBA, Linda’s expertise lies in synthesizing her experience, skills, and talents, to coach, lead, mentor and teach.

Incorporating 25 years of corporate experience, more than 13 years as an entrepreneur, and an MBA, with her multiple coaching certifications and diverse life experiences, Linda sits in a unique place to help people unleash the gifts inside of you and turn dreams into realities into positive ripples. 

Linda is also a speaker; having held held dozens of compelling workshops, webinars and keynotes over the last decade for large companies, universities, and women’s organizations.

Linda holds both her Master Life Coach Certification and Professional Life Coach Certification. Linda also holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Information Systems. She is an experienced project manager, financial analyst, IT consultant and strategist.

Linda is the proud mother of two U.S. Marines and a funny, sunny daughter. In her free time, you’ll find Linda at her piano, in nature, or exploring the world with her Renaissance Man.

Linda is always looking for people to love, opportunities to serve, and partnerships to engage in.


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Connecting the Work You Love
to the Success You Want to Achieve