Success Part 7: What about da Money?

Welcome to Part 7 of my Success on Your Own Terms mini series.

In this series I am introducing you to a new way to look at success so you can get there faster. I’m super excited to share this with you!

In my first video of this series I shared 3 Important Truths About Success and Shared 4 Steps to the Road of Success. In the second video I shared What if You’re Chasing Someone Else’s Definition of Success. In my third video I shared 3 Common Roadblocks to Success.

I also shared that there are three main players on the road to redefining success and, once you define them, you’ll have everything you need to redefine success in a way that it fits who YOU are and what YOU want. In Part 4 of this series, I showed you why Freedom is the first of three players. In Part 5, we explored why Life Balance is the second of three players and, in Part 6 I touched on the Fulfillment, the third player.

So, Freedom, Life Balance and Fulfillment are the three main players on the road to redefining success for who you are. And right about now I get this question, which is probably forefront in your mind right now: “What about da money?” Watch the video and find out!

Success on your own terms is totally attainable but only if you’re not in your own way. The best way to begin getting out of your own way is to get crystal clear on what’s IN your way, what it takes to remove those obstacles and what your beautiful life will be like afterward. If the idea of this kind of mind blowing clarity rocks your world, click here. You + Me + 90 minutes of mind blowing clarity = Big Steps Toward Personal Success!

P.S. Stay tuned for more in this miniseries on success. Next time I’ll show you how to come up with the dollar figure required to live your new definition of success.