Step 3 (Set your intention (and energy) to “It’s already done.”)

Making shift happen in your life takes more than just deciding you want it and getting clear on what it will be like. You’re gonna need a little magic. Luckily, you can make that magic for yourself.

The first part of that magic is the magic of intention. You may recall that the first step in any journey is deciding you no longer want to stay where you are. Now, that DECISION is powerful. But where decision leaves off, INTENTION takes over. Intention is magic. You simply INTEND that what you identified in Step 2 is a done deal. Kind of like when you place your order with a waiter. You simply expect that your meal will be delivered to you.

The second kind of magic that you have the power to create happens when you invoke the FEELINGS of it’s a done deal. When you imagine just how delicious that meal is going to be. When you picture yourself smiling as it’s placed in front of you, taking that first bite, the look of heavenly delight on your face. When you imagine pushing away your empty plate, fully satisfied and pleased with your choice and what was delivered.

Metaphors aside, INTEND that what you’d love your life to look like is a done deal. And IMAGINE scenarios that exemplify your desires.

Let me know how you make out by emailing me.

You got this!

Stay tuned for Step 4 in Making Shift Happen when I’ll show you what to do when you run into obstacles along the way.

Until next time!