Connecting Work You Love to the Success You Want to Achieve

Imagine that everything you do in your career lights you up. You love the work and it feels like more like play than work. Now imagine the type of personal success you want to achieve. Most people think you have to choose between loving what you do and being successful, but the truth is that there’s a way to achieve both.

The Secret Language of Freedom

Do you feel shackled by obligations, duties and limitations? Wouldn't it be amazing to experience increased freedom in your life? Embark on a journey to free yourself from the cant's, have-to's and shoulds and put the spring back in your step.

Get Connected With Your Passion And Purpose

If you’ve ever said, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up,” this keynote is for you. You’ll discover where and how to find your WHY and your WOW as you're reconnected with your natural proclivities and desires. Begin your journey toward your passion and purpose today.

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Hi! I’m Linda. I’m a master certified life coach in Buffalo, NY, living my right life; a life that, just a few years ago, I didn’t dare to imagine.

You see, once upon a time, I was exactly where you are now.

My life looked great on paper, but inside I felt unfulfilled, tethered, uncertain, and stuck. I was stuck in a career that wasn’t my idea of living life, in marriage that had more downs than ups, disconnected from who I was, doing things I didn’t want or like to do – and believing I had to live with things as they were.

Oh, but deep down inside, I was hungry for something more.lbstudio4

I didn’t know what that something more was – but the more I grew to believe that change was possible, the more determined I was to find it.

I’ve been through the fire: the grief of loss, the ups and downs of change, the growing pains of rediscovering myself, and the challenge of starting over in mid-life both as a single mom and in a brand-new career. And it’s so much better on the other side!

You don’t need to know exactly what you want – but know this: everything you need is inside you waiting to be revealed. I’m here to shine my light in the dark corners of your inner wisdom, to guide and help you become the creator of your beautiful life.