The Create Your Right Life Program is a 3-month intensive specifically designed to take you from fear, uncertainty and doubt about your life to clarity, confidence and connection as we work through specific issues in your life and career.


We will partner to get you:

  • From overwhelm about what to do, to ease and excitement over exploring your future
  • From fuzzy to clear on who you are, what you truly want from life, and what’s next for you
  • From questioning yourself and living under the rule of your inner critic, to confidently pursuing your dreams
  • From feeling graspy and inadequate to feeling positive and abundant
  • From a life you tolerate to a building a life and career you love, of your own design, that reflects who you are


Although my clients make amazing shifts in each session, getting clarity, removing obstacles, learning how to navigate from within, conquering fear, healing old wounds, improving relationships, discovering your purpose and finding joy is a loving journey that happens over the course of a few months.
The Create Your Right Life Program is a 3-month intensive, specifically designed to take you from overwhelm, uncertainty and feeling unfulfilled, to clear, balanced and whole, as we work through specific issues in your life and career.

The Create Your Right Life Program is a comprehensive program tailored to fit your specific goals.  Each of its components is designed to move you toward your dreams, however, when put together, they’re magic! Here’s what the program entails:
 A Personal Exploration Safari: This invaluable tool kick-starts your journey, as you answer questions you may have never asked yourself.  Your answers give me insight on how you see yourself and they hold keys to your future that you may not have recognized. With this information in hand, we can focus specifically on your goals without using session time to gather background information.
•  Intensive 1:1 coaching: 3-4 sessions per month, totaling TEN sessions. These 60-75 minute sessions take place in person, over the phone or via Skype.  They entail hard questions and deep inner work, but I’ll walk along side you at every step.
•  Essential Strategies & Tools:  The concepts I share and the tools I use are profound and often fun. You’ll learn how to use many of them on your own so that,  after our work together is done, you can continue to navigate through life with clarity and confidence.
•  Ten session recordings: During each session we’ll touch upon many things and trust me when I say that you’ll absorb exactly what you’re meant to absorb (which won’t be all of it). This is why I record your sessions for you. You’ll have access to a library of all of your audio recordings to download and revisit in the future. Each time you listen, you’ll pick up something new – that which you’re ready for and meant to absorb at that time. Your recordings will turbo charge your transformation!
•  Ten “Next Steps”plans:  I affectionately refer to this as homework. At the end of each session, I’ll give you a few action steps you can do later in the week to augment your progress. Engaging in these assignments will yield powerful results toward your goals. The homework is always creative and often fun, you don’t have to hand it in and you get get a gold star just for doing it (okay, even if you just think about doing it). These action steps, when combined with your recordings, will ensure significant progress toward your goals each and every week.
•  Access to numerous resources: I will share course materials, worksheets, articles, recordings and other resources as they relate to  our work together to enhance the achievement of your goals.
•  Full access to me via email: – as often as needed plus a bonus 15-minute phone session in case of an urgent issue.
 Full transparency, authenticity and openness from me: I’ll share my personal life and experiences, when it is warranted, to further your progress. Don’t be surprised if my experiences mirror yours. I’ve been where you are and I know how to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
•   Connection: Our work together will likely result in connection with other like-minded soul sisters and brothers. It’s also likely that you and I will connect at deep levels. But the most significant connection you’ll make is with your inner wisdom and your true desires. And that, my friend, will make ALL the difference!

What’s the investment?

Why do I use the term investment instead of cost? Costs take something away from you, whereas investments have returns that keep on giving and giving as time goes by. Through our work together, the strategies and concepts that you’ll incorporate into your life, combined with the baggage that you’ll shed, will allow you to soar to new heights in your relationships, your career and your life. You’ll experience returns that are, frankly, priceless. I know this first hand.
You’ve already invested in yourself and your future with your Clarity Session. Change is important to you and you’re ready to begin creating the future you desire. As a result of your Clarity Session, you now have a better sense of how pervasive and far reaching your struggles are; and that they create an undercurrent affecting almost every facet of your life. From your Clarity Session, you also have a better idea of how sweet life can be once your obstacles have been removed and you’ve cultivated clarity and confidence, purpose and direction.  This will be a profound transformation and personal expansion and only you can know what it’s worth.
It’s my experience that you’ll only achieve your goals when you fully commit to yourself. Your investment in yourself and your future with this program is $3,500 and your returns will be priceless. (A monthly payment plan is available and includes a 5% processing fee.)


My “Shift Happens” Guarantee

You’ve already experienced shifts as a result of your Clarity Session. I’m not surprised – this is the magic of coaching with me. Shifts happen as a result of each and every session, listening to your recordings and your homework.  I promise you’ll experience immediate shifts after our first program session together. If not, I’ll refund your full investment and we’ll go our separate ways. Request for refund must be made at least 24 hours before the second scheduled session.

How do I know if this is right for me?

It’s a big decision, I know. Which is why the first step is to get clear on exactly where you are, what you want, what you need and what we’d be doing. And the best way to do that is with a 1-hour Clarity Session. Then, if we determine you’re ready for this robust program, we’ll get underway!

What better time to get started on your journey than today?

…because you’re supposed to be BIG and you know it.  Let’s unleash your bigness so you can begin living your right life.