I help life coaches get clear on their business goals and confident on their ability to serve their perfect client so that can get started in achieving the life of their dreams!

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I remember having just certified as a new Life Coach. On one hand, I felt like the cat who ate the canary. I was filled to the brim with information that I was ready to share with the world!

On the other hand, I was filled with doubt thinking things like...

"Who am I to be doing this?" " Am I really qualified to be helping others?"

It was quite the emotional roller coaster!

I quickly realized that my doubts, fears, and insecurities stemmed from my lack of experience as an entrepreneur - not from my ability to serve others as a coach.

That was LIFE CHANGING for me!

I realized I needed to Get Clear on the kind of business I wanted and how I was going to serve my perfect customer (heck, I hadn't even really thought about who was a good fit for me!). I also realized that though my clarity came Confidence! Once I had confidence the floodgates opened and my business began to grow!

So, that's the simplicity of what I do...

I help new coaches GET CLEAR | GET CONFIDENT | GO BIG! ™

Before Linda’s Confident Coach Mentorship I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to start a coaching business. I didn’t know how or where to start. I had a hard time conceptualizing charging for coaching if someone was in need. This mentorship gave me structure & clear steps to take to think about my coaching business differently, including how to market what I do.

And now I have a clear plan in mind that I’m able to put into place immediately. I’m also more confident in myself and what I can offer. I learned to value what I offer and to stop “prostituting my services.”

I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting started with their coaching business. The group members, all at different stages, were willing to give feedback and share their experiences, which was incredibly helpful in getting past some of my roadblocks. The course was easy to follow, but challenges you to really think about your coaching practice. Linda’s personality & the tools she used kept me engaged each week. I am sure I’ve saved myself years of struggling and mistakes trying to get clear & confident with my coaching- this has been an invaluable experience! Thank you Linda!!



I believed that I had to have it all: a perfect website, competitive (way too low) rates, and be entirely free of my own limiting beliefs before I could help others. I thought I had to be perfect (or at least very close to it).

I couldn't be more wrong!

I went through fire, survived the ups and downs and growing pains that accompany growing as a coach and building a practice. I took the LOOOONNNNGGGG route - unnecessarily.

I know the value firsthand of having an experienced coach on your side while you go through it all – and now that I’m on the other side? I want to help you get through it, too!

You + Me = a Recipe for Success

We’re both coaches, you and me. Kindred spirits. We have a common desire to help, to heal, and to expand for the highest good. We’re meant to learn from each other – all the better to help the world.

I’d love to connect with your beautiful soul to help you become the confident coach the world needs you to be!

The coach you know you are meant to be...

You’ve got desires, ambitions, and brilliance all your own – mix that with my expertise and system and you'll step into your purpose even faster!

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