Conversations Worth Your While with Linda Bucher [podcast cover art]

Conversations to spark, inspire and motivate positive change
so that you can make the
big, beautiful ripples
that only you can make.

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You are here to make big, beautiful ripples that no one else can make.

Linda Bucher is here to light the way.

Linda believes that each of us has unique gifts to share with the world and that you are here to make a difference. Her gift is lighting the way for those who are excited about sharing their gifts and making the positive ripples they’re here to make.


As an authentic, heart-centered master coach, mindset mentor, transformational speaker, show host, author, and MBA, Linda’s expertise lies in synthesizing her experience, skills and talents to coach, lead, mentor and teach.


Linda is always looking for people to love, opportunities to serve, and partnerships to engage in.


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