Become the CLEAR, CONFIDENT, PRODUCTIVE, CLIENT-ATTRACTING COACH you thought you'd by by now.

You KNOW that coaching is your purpose, but...

  • It seems as if there’s so much to do, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You’re busy but not productive.
  • You second-guess your business decisions because none of them have panned out.
  • You wonder whether you have what it takes to actually make money as a coach.
  • You even consider, with a shudder, getting a “real job.”

You CAN become the CLEAR, CONFIDENT COACH  your ideal clients are waiting for.

Just imagine...

  • Being crystal clear about who your ideal clients are
  • Feeling confident that you are the perfect coach for them
  • Knowing how to clearly, concisely and confidently tell people what you do
  • Knowing exactly in which direction to take your practice
  • Feeling excitement, ease and the flow of momentum
  • Finding peace and freedom as you create a practice you love
  • Finally and truly realizing that you know enough and that you are enough

Hi. I’m Linda. Here’s my story.

lbstudio15 buttonWhen I finally got the guts to tell my father that I was quitting my 6-figure job to become a life coach, I was surprised at his initial reaction. I thought he’d freak out. Instead, he was proud that I was following in his entrepreneurial footsteps. When he asked what I would be doing as a life coach, however, I felt like a deer in headlights and couldn’t articulate it. And that scared us both.

Nevertheless, I happily soldiered on, thrilled that I had found my purpose. I was intent on doing everything “the right way,” including mimicking other coaches’ methods of getting to success. I was busy, busy, busy – but somehow I wasn’t producing anything effective, and I certainly wasn’t generating much in the way of clients or income.

I was resistant to choosing a niche (don’t box this freedom junkie in!). I was unclear on my ideal client profile and felt justified in wanting to help everyone with everything. I had no idea why someone would choose me to be their coach when there were so many other awesome (and more successful) coaches out there. And I wasted years being unclear, unproductive, insecure and paralyzed.

To make matters worse, my father would call to check up on me weekly, asking if I had any clients and was making any money yet. I’d cheerfully tell him I was working on things, although inside I felt ashamed that clients were few and far between. He’d ask me, “Isn’t coaching just an expensive hobby? When are you going to realize you should go back to work.” His words echoed and I began to feel like an imposter and a failure.

But I, like you, refused to give up.  I finally asked myself, “Where are my ideal clients and why aren’t they coming to me?”  Now I know what eluded me for years.

Want the fastest way to becoming a clear, confident, productive, client-attracting coach?

Join me, and others like you for this 6-week group program and  by the end of it, you will...

  • Know exactly WHO you are here to coach
  • Know exactly WHAT you are here to help them through
  • Know WHY you are the perfect coach for them

In this program, I will teach you



Step 1: First things first: Put the crap on the table.   You can’t get clear on your ideal clients or your niche until you find the underlying causes of your paralysis and overwhelm and look them in the eye. In this step, you’ll take time to deal with those pesky insecurities – because clarity and confidence will elude you until you do. Once you understand exactly what’s in your way, you’ll be able to work through those obstacles and open the channels to clarity and confidence as a coach and entrepreneur.

Step 2: Recognize how far you’ve come.  In your striving to become a coach and build a practice you’ve been looking forward, but have you acknowledged how far you’ve come? In this step, I want you to stop and turn around. Look back and you’ll discover that doing so builds confidence and is the beginning to discovering your ideal clients and your niche. I swear, after this step you’ll instantly feel more confident when talking to potential clients. You’ll be equipped with concepts and teaching points to share with your clients.  You’ll begin to grasp how you’ll stand out in a crowded marketplace without worrying about competing.

Step 3: Re-Define success for who YOU are and get there faster.  In this step of the blueprint, you shed your legacy definition of success in favor of your personal definition of success, which is where real success for YOU lies. Take a breather, recognize whose definition of success you’ve been operating under, stop holding yourself to expectations that don’t fit you, stop moving and pushing yourself in the wrong direction. Redefining success frees up your energy to where you really want to be, so you’ll achieve your definition of success faster than you imagined.

Step 4: Discover YOUR Ideal Client.  In this step, you move from confusion to insight about who your ideal client is.  (Hint: Your ideal clients are individuals, not target markets.) The way to do this is to uncover the character traits of your people. When you know this, you’ll be better able to attract the clients you are best suited to work with and enjoy your work all the more.

Step 5: Discover why YOU are THE perfect coach for your clients.  This is the step that puts an end to impostor syndrome once and for all. As a result of this step, you’ll have the clarity and confidence you need to stop wasting your time, capacity and energy on non-ideal clients. The way to discover why you are the perfect coach for them is to realize that already know them. Exploring how this is true will enable you to talk and write about what you do with confidence, and in a way that feels good and attracts the right people.

 Step 6: Discover your Niche.  You don’t choose it, you discover it – like a treasure. In this step of the blueprint, you get clear on what a niche is and isn’t. You come to understand why defining your niche doesn’t have to box you in and why it will actually bring in more clients. And it starts when you shift how you’ve been thinking about a niche. A new perspective on the concept of niche will help you’ll discover what yours is!

Step 7: Learn the Secret language that will magnetize your ideal clients.  Yes. There’s a secret language and it has everything to do with love. When you know how to relate to your ideal clients so that they feel understood and loved, you will shift how you think about marketing, making it easy and comfortable to communicate your services. Your ideal clients will know you’re talking to them and you’ll build trust and expertise. You’ll be able to put yourself out there without feeling dirty or salesy. And you’ll find more flow when you’re communicating.

Step 8: Shift from Prostitute to Entrepreneur.  This step of the blueprint helps you understand just how you’ve been prostituting your services. When you know that, you’ll understand why you haven’t been making much money. There’s a heart-centered way to charge good rates, that the Universe likes, with confidence, that YOU feel good about and that your ideal clients are eager to pay.  When you come to appreciate the value of what you provide for your clients and you’ll be able to confidently charge rates that feel good to you and your ideal clients. Refreshing, right? 

This mentorship gave me structure & clear steps to take to think about my coaching business differently, including how to market what I do.  And now I have a clear plan in mind that I’m able to put into place immediately. I’m also more confident in myself and what I can offer.    I am sure I’ve saved myself years of struggling and mistakes trying to get clear & confident with my coaching- this has been an invaluable experience! Thank you Linda!!

Jessica Fitzpatrick
Jessica Fitzpatrick

I have taken many other courses online, some with big-names and big price tags, but it wasn’t until Linda took me through the Confident Coach Blueprint that I was able to connect all of the dots. I can honestly say I now have clarity and confidence that springs from a deep, meaningful and visceral level, and not just an intellectual place. I know that this time, after this course, I have more than skills; I have an authentic mission for my business and the language to communicate it!

Christie Osbourne
Christie Osbourne


Tangible outputs make this program indispensable. I’ll walk you through the creation of:

  • Your professional bio for use on social media and your website that rings true, feels good and demonstrates your expertise and purpose
  • Your elevator speech that magnetizes your ideal clients that’s feels natural and comfortable to convey in networking and social situations
  • The words you’ll need to easily create copy for your client-magnetizing
    • Home page
    • About me page
    • Program page
  • A proven method for outlining compelling, non-salesy
    • Blog posts
    • Social media posts
    • Client conversations
  • New tools, frameworks and concepts to use with your clients to increase your effectiveness as a coach

This group mentorship program is specifically designed to get you to clarity and confidence, so you can launch your practice into the world with a bang instead of a trickle.

The Confident Coach 6-Week Group Mentorship will lead you to the answers. We’ll walk the path together and I’ll shine my light in the dark corners of your inner wisdom to take you:

  • From fuzzy to clear on who you are, what you truly want from your practice, and what to do next
  • From overwhelm about what to do to ease and excitement while exploring your future as a coach
  • From questioning yourself and living under the rule of your inner critic to confidently pursuing your dreams
  • From feeling graspy and inadequate to feeling positive and abundant
  • From trying to model your practice after someone else’s to being poised to launch a practice you love, of your own design, that reflects who YOU are

…so that you can shine your light for others.

Here's How the Group Mentorship Works:

  • 1

    Live Instruction –

    6 live 60-minute calls full of invaluable information so you can obtain clarity and build confidence while you create the foundation from which to launch your ideal coaching practice

  • 2

    Call recordings –

    so you can stay fully present during classes, confident that everything you need has been captured for you and is available to reinforce what you’ve learned

  • 3

    A clear plan of action –

    we’ll work together through the exact steps I used and that will lead you to become a clear, confident coach, able to magnetize your perfect clients, talk about what you do and create a real world presence for your practice.

  • 4


    This isn’t just a how-to class, you’ll be in action. You’ll be creating. By the end of the course you’ll have specific answers to the questions that have been keeping you stuck and the momentum you crave.

  • 5

    Downloadable class materials and worksheets –

    because, yes, there will be homework. And here’s great news: your homework can be easily repurposed into content for your practice!!!

  • 6

    A is for Accountability –

    because even the best laid plans can get sidelined by procrastination and resistance. You’ll be sharing your progress with me and your fellow cohorts which not only keeps you accountable, it builds visibility that can lead to future endeavors and increased business.

  • 7

    Encouragement and support -

    from your fellow cohorts in a private forum so that you can safely traverse this journey with love and support and help each other succeed.

  • 8

    A BONUS 1-hour private session with me -

    after the mentorship. We’ll use this time to celebrate just how far you’ve come. You’ll get to report what’s new, ask questions, brush-up on tools and strategies you’ve learned, pick my brain, toot your own horn and celebrate your awesomeness!

  • 9

    Confident Coach Minicamp Bundle

    * A copy of my book, The Confident Coach: Connecting the Work You Love to the Success You Want to Achieve – a love letter disguised as a paperback infused with practical guidance that I want to share with you so that you can confidently give your gifts and travel your path to success. The exercises in this book are the gateway to connecting the work you love to the success you want to achieve. * The Confident Coach Downloadable Workbook for furthering your journey as a confident coach. * Confidence Boosters for New Coaches, an invaluable 1-hour audio outlining the underlying causes of insecurity surrounding coaches and infused with practical techniques you can do right now to become a confident, competent coach. *Why Your Business is Better When You’re More You, a 20-minute audio adventure uncovering the reasons your business is better when you’re more you.

I am so grateful for the heart and soul Linda put into this group mentorship programme. This is an incredibly generous offering and wraps up the main focus points of a one to one programme that she offers into a group offering tied with a red ribbon, at an investment that is manageable for a coach who is beginning to get their work out in the world. I loved that the weekly work just made so much sense and that I could actually get on with it rather than floundering about wondering what my next step was. You will be challenged if you do this, but in a way that isn’t scary as you will feel so supported all the way. Am I more clear and confident? For sure, and also sure that working with Linda was a fantastic investment in my business and in my future.

Deborah Chalk
Deborah Chalk Certified Martha Beck Life Coach ~ Life Feels Lovely

I knew so strongly that coaching was the work I was meant to do in the world but I was having a hard time making my business unique to me and owning who I was as a person and a coach. I was getting trapped in the ‘shoulds’ and trying to do what other coaches were doing in their business – none of which were working for me. Linda helped me see that my business can be wrapped around who I am as a person…in fact; I now understand that is how I will be most successful! As a result of working together, I’ve become CONFIDENT on who I am as a coach which is now what my business is rooted in and CLEAR on who I am meant to serve and why. With this clarity has come focus, motivation, and excitement back in my business.  I now have a hard time pulling myself away from my work because I feel so excited with what I’m doing! I know that is a direct result of having the clarity and confidence I gained from working with Linda.

Laura Snyder
Laura Snyder

When and Where

Mentoring classes start Monday, April 18th, 2016
1:00-2:00 pm EST for 6 consecutive Mondays

(recordings provided the same day in case you can’t make it live)

Regularly $997

For a limited time save an extra $200

$797 Early Bird
or 3 Payments of $297

And become a clear, confident, client-attracting coach!

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