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AND Earn the Income that Reflects the Value you Deliver!

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There's no denying that Coaching is your calling, but...

  • You’re not sure how to start a successful business
  • You’re not sure what you should be focusing your attention on…
  • You’re worried that you’ll never reach your goals…
  • You’ve begun to wonder if you’re worthy of your purpose…
  • You wonder whether you have what it takes to actually make money as a coach…
  • You wonder whether you have what it takes to actually make money as a coach…
  • You find yourself swimming in resistance and everything comes to a screeching halt
  • You find yourself swimming in resistance and everything comes to a screeching halt
  • You even consider (with a shudder) getting a “real j.o.b.”

Does any of this resonate with you?

Do you wish there was a straightforward, no-BS program to lead you through becoming the clear, confident, client-attracting coach you thought you’d be by now?

I have GREAT news!!!

I’ve developed a unique program specifically to take your life coaching business from disorganized and unfocused to helping you become the CLEAR, CONFIDENT COACH your ideal clients are waiting for!

Just imagine...

- Being crystal clear about who your ideal clients are.

- Feeling confident that you are the perfect coach for them.

- Knowing how to clearly, concisely and confidently tell people what you do.

- Discovering a niche that fits you, attracts clients and doesn’t box you in.

- Knowing exactly in which direction to take your practice. Understanding how to create a practice that attract clients.

- Understanding exactly what to do next to get your practice rolling.

- Engaging in purposeful tasks that will actually move your business forward.

- Feeling excitement, ease and the flow of momentum.

- Finding peace and freedom as you create a practice you love.

- Finally and truly realizing that you know enough and that you are enough

Hello. I’m Linda Bucher, a Master Certified Life and Business Coach, author, speaker and M.B.A.

I’ve been a life coach and entrepreneur since 2010, but it wasn’t so long ago that I was right where you are, wondering whether I’d made a huge mistake by pursuing life coaching as a serious profession.

My story went a little something like this…

For 10 years I had had an inkling that I was meant for something more. But it wasn’t until I had 24/7 pain that I set the intention to find my “right life.” That intention and a book about finding my own north star led me to sign up for life coach training. Two months into training, I was drained. I couldn’t keep up the pace. I was working full time as a project manager, I was single mother of 3 little ones and I was learning a brand new profession. After a 10 hour work day, I’d feed the kids, get them their baths and bed and try to study, but I’d fall asleep in my books. Quitting my job would make things so much easier. But could I really do that?

At 45 years old, I was more experienced and smarter than when I embarked on my corporate career after college. I also had 25 years of business experience and an MBA under my belt.

So, like the bird who goes out on the branch, not because it trusts the branch not to break, but because it trusts its wings to fly, I went out on a limb and quit.

Just like that I resigned from a lucrative career in corporate America to pursue my true calling. My right life.

When I finally got the guts to tell my father that I was quitting my 6-figure job to become a life coach, I was surprised at his initial reaction. I thought he’d freak out. Instead, he was proud that I was following in his entrepreneurial footsteps. When he asked what I would be doing as a life coach, however, I felt like a deer in headlights and couldn’t articulate it. And that scared us both.

For a year, I pored over the texts, I attended classes, I coached, I got coached and I envisioned how I would set up my business. I studied hard and steady and earned my Certified Life Coach credentials.

Once I was an official, bona fidé Life Coach, I took the next logical step: I designed business cards, put up a website, wrote daily blog posts and waited.

And waited. And waited… And waited…

It was one of the most frustrating periods of my life. Here, I was full of knowledge, bursting with energy and fueled with the desire to help people live their best lives …

And no one seemed to notice or care.

Soon I began dreading talking to my friends and family. No matter what we talked about, the conversation inevitably turned to my (failing) life coaching business.

Yet, I soldiered on, thrilled that I had found my purpose and intent on doing everything “the right way,” including mimicking other coaches’ methods of getting to success.

I was busy, busy, busy – but somehow I wasn’t producing anything effective, and I certainly wasn’t generating much in the way of clients or income.

I was resistant to choosing a niche (don’t box this freedom junkie in!). I was unclear on my ideal client profile and felt justified in wanting to help everyone with everything. I had no idea why someone would choose me to be their coach when there were so many other awesome (and more successful) coaches out there. And I wasted years being unclear, unproductive, insecure and paralyzed.

To make matters worse, my father would call to check up on me weekly, asking if I had any clients and was making any money yet. I’d cheerfully tell him, “I was working on things”, although inside I felt ashamed that clients were few and far between. He’d ask me, “Isn’t coaching just an expensive hobby? When are you going to realize you should go back to work.” His words echoed and I began to feel like an imposter and a failure.

But I, like you, refused to give up! I finally asked myself, “Where are my ideal clients and why aren’t they coming to me?”

Things weren’t working out the way I thought they would and I wasn’t sure how to fix it.

I was stuck.

And I felt miserable.

I knew that life coaching was what I was supposed to do.

I knew my destiny intertwined with hundreds of yet unknown strangers who needed my help to make positive changes in their lives.

I knew my job was to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

At least I thought I knew.

Not being the type of person to give up easily, in the following months I dug in even deeper. I was determined to make my new career work no matter what.

Week after week I read, I researched and I contemplated.

I had the education. I had the drive. I had the passion for being a life coach. But I was missing something. Something crucial. Something vital. Something that had to be staring me right in the face.

Then it dawned on me …

Even though I’d been part of a corporate business (and have an MBA), I was neglecting the lessons I’d learned while in that business.

I had a great product (me!), but I didn’t understand:

  • How to differentiate in a crowded market place.
  • What made me so special?
  • What could I uniquely provide to my clients?
  • Was it just a matter of how I set up shop?

Without these answers I couldn’t arrive at a concrete plan of action. So, I bought more books and took courses and studied what other “successful” coaches were doing. I went back for more education and earned my Master Life Coach Certification.

But it wasn’t until I got myself a mentor, who knew the business inside and out, that things started to click.

Then, using my new knowledge, I created a plan to relaunch my business … the right way. With a plan designed to take me where I wanted to go.

Within a few months, I transformed my (then invisible) life coaching practice into a thriving business catering to exactly the type and class of clientele I knew I could help!

These days my email inbox stays full of inquiries and my phone is constantly ringing. I literally have more new business than I can handle. And it was all due to my plan.

And I want to share that plan with you!





As a life coach you know the value of seeing the world through someone else's eyes.

A core, innate concept of life coaching is allowing someone with a fresh perspective to weigh in on our problems.


Because quite often the solutions to our problems are hidden by our proximity to them.

With my course, you'll:

1. Become a clear and confident coach

2. Recognize that someone else's way is not your own.

3. Stop running in place.

4. Stop wasting time watching free webinars as a means to build your business.


I've been there. I've done that. I'll help you avoid the pitfalls and the emotional roller coaster.

There’s no better teacher than someone who’s been through the fire. Let me tell you, I’ve been through the fire.

I know how it feels to wake up every morning and look in the mirror wondering who the person staring back truly is.

I’ve experienced just about every kind of setback in the life coaching business and the feelings of insecurity and inadequacy that go with them.

I have an entire toolbox full of strategies and confidence building techniques I’ll show you how to use so you can chase away useless feelings of fear, negativity and self-doubt, allowing you to devote all of your energy to positive, business building tasks and ideas.

This course is for you because:

1. You know you’re here for something important.

2. You have an inkling that you’re supposed to be BIG.

3. You are finally ready to get out of your own way.

4. You recognize the value of investing in yourself and your purpose.


I’ll help you kick the “muck” to the side and find your momentum to
start a successful business the right way.

You can’t do this alone. No one can. No one expects you to.

I’ll be there with you, sharing my insights and providing guidance every step of the way.

With my course, you'll:

1. Finally know (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that you are enough!

2. Be poised to launch a money-making practice into the world!

3. Find building your business easy, fun and momentum-gaining.



This heart-centered course is filled with some of the best
business savvy advice to teach you exactly how it works
in the real world of creating a Life Coaching business!

  • How to build confidence (and avoid creeping insecurities which rob you of your power and influence)

  • Serving the widest variety of clients is the best way to make money, right? Wrong! Narrowing your market is crucial to your success and I’ll tell you why.

  • How to give an effective and believable answer to the question, “So, what do you do?” (Making others believe in your work starts with you believing in it yourself. I’ll tell you how.)

  • Are you spending valuable brain cycles doing mundane tasks and busy work? If so, there could be a reason why, buried deep inside you. I help you bring it to the surface and deal with it.

  • WARNING: Family and friends are pillars of strength and energy you may be able to draw from, but they’re not the best source of information for growing your business. So who should you turn to?

  • What never to deny yourself and how doing so will destroy any progress you’ve made in your business every single time.

  • Choosing the right words to market your business is important. But did you know there’s a secret, heart-centered language that magnetizes your business to attract your ideal client?

  • And there’s so much more …


The Confident Coach Group + Private Mentoring Option

I'm offering private mentoring to the first 5 coaches to take advantage of it. Which means, in addition to the group calls and course work, if you take advantage of this opportunity, you will be working with me directly as your coach and mentor. We'll meet 6 times for 90 minutes during 2019 to leapfrog the difficulties of DIY. You'll get individual attention to get into business for real. Each session is 75-90 minutes and you'll receive session recordings, and more!

Dependent on your goals and where you currently are with your practice, mentoring me will include the following, tangible outputs:

  • Learn Essential Strategies & Tools of an Entrepreneur

  • Identify your Niche

  • Create your business blueprint

  • Create your coaching program

  • Design your non-yucky sales conversation

  • Draft your client intake forms

  • Identify what marketing your way looks like

  • Set up essential business systems

  • Outline your first product, class or signature talk

  • and more!

Work with me - someone who has been where you are,
and get coached and mentored through all those nasty obstacles!

"I took Linda's Confident Coach Group Mentorship program to gain clarity and bolster my confidence for a new business consulting program I am offering. I am well-versed in the marketing and the importance of understanding one's ideal client, proposing customer-focused solutions and how crucial an "authentic voice" in modern marketing. However, before Linda's course, these ideas little more than intellectual exercises.  Now I know exactly what that means. I have the perfect language and personal stories that will set me apart from my competition and attract my ideal client.

I have taken many other courses online, some with big-name and big price tags, but it wasn't until Linda took me through the confident coaching steps that I was able to connect all the dots. I can honestly say I now have clarity and confidence that springs from a deep, meaningful and visceral level, and not just an intellectual place. I know that this time, after this course, I have more than skills; I have an authentic mission for my business and the language to communicate it!?



Enrollment ends October 15th at Midnight EST

Choose the program that works best for you!

8-Week Course




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Course + 6 Private Mentoring Sessions




3 payments of




Classes are 90 minutes and begin at 1:00 pm EST.

Can't make all the live training classes? No Worries!

Access the MEMBERS ONLY portal to gain access to the entire library of training materials, including class recordings.

"I took Linda's 6-week Confident Coach Group Mentorship program. I am so grateful for the heart and soul Linda put into this program. This is an incredibly generous offering and wraps up the main focus points of a one to one program that she offers into a group offering tied with a red ribbon, at an investment that is manageable for a coach is beginning to get their work out in the world. I loved that the weekly work just made so much sense and that I could actually get on with it rather than floundering about wondering what my next steps was.

You will be challenged if you do this, but in a way that isn't scary, as you will feel so supported all the way. Am I more clear and confident? For SURE, and also sure that working with Linda was a fantastic investment in my business and in my future."



  • You already know you’re called to be a life coach, but you’re feeling fuzzy and uncertain about so many things. (I’ll help you shake those nagging feelings causing self-doubt.)
  • You’re intimidated by the prospect of helping other people navigate the choppy waters of their lives when you’re treading in rough waters yourself. (Hint: You CAN make positive a difference for your clients despite life’s ups and downs.)
  • You haven’t carved out your niche. (Not only will I explain why finding your niche is so important, I’ll show you how it doesn’t have to box you in and help you do it.)
  • You’re ready to learn a systematic way to get more clients and earn a lot more money. (I’ll show you how to attract high-ticket 1:1 clients so that you can create an income of $4,000 – $6,000 a month.)

Joining this program is one of the easiest decisions you'll ever make about your life coaching business.

Look, you’ve already done the hard part. You’ve made the leap of faith. You’ve put it all on the line to pursue your dream. You’re following your passion.

Take one more (risk free) leap right now and save yourself years of frustration, paralysis, invisibility and wrong turns in favor of being clear about how to create a practice that magnetizes your ideal clients and reflects who you are.

Imagine working with 6 high-ticket, one-on-one clients per per week, earning $4,800 per month…or more! I’ll also show you why multi-month coaching programs are better for your clients and better for your bottom line.

This course is normally priced at $1997. If you enroll today, I’ll shave $1,400 off the normal price!!!! If you follow the strategies I’ll teach you, you’ll make your investment back in your first client and every subsequent client will be PROFIT!!!

Are you ready to finally and consistently make money as a Life Coach? Click the button below to join my course completely risk free.

There are real people eager to invest in your services and change their lives.

I’ll show you how to tap into that market.

Standing still isn’t an option for people like us. Your determination has gotten you this far, and your fortitude will take you the rest of the way. But only once you decide to make a move.

With my 100% risk free guarantee, I’ve essentially ensured that you can’t make the wrong decision by joining this course.

If there’s no chance to be wrong and every chance to be right, why not make the decision to join right now?

"Before Linda's Confident Coach Group Mentorship I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to start a coaching business. I didn’t know how or where to start. I had a hard time conceptualizing charging for coaching if someone was in need. This mentorship gave me structure & clear steps to take to think about my coaching business differently, including how to market what I do. And now I have a clear plan in mind that I’m able to put into place immediately. I’m also more confident in myself and what I can offer. I learned to value what I offer and to stop “prostituting my services.”

I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting started with their coaching business. The group members, all at different stages, were willing to give feedback and share their experiences, which was incredibly helpful in getting past some of my roadblocks.

The course was easy to follow, yet challenges you to really think about your coaching practice. Linda’s personality and the tools she uses kept me engaged each week. I am sure I’ve saved myself years of struggling and mistakes trying to get clear and confident with my coaching - this has been an invaluable experience! Thank you Linda!!"



Enrollment ends October 15th at Midnight EST

Choose the program that works best for you!

8-Week Course




3 payments of




Course + 6 Private Mentoring Sessions




3 payments of



Not every aspiring life coach who buys my program will turn into a rock star overnight.
That’s a startling admission, right? But let’s face it …
Some people just want it more than others. I promise, if you genuinely follow my program and turn in all of your homework, and if you haven’t experienced a SHIFT, then I’m willing to offer a full “Shift Happens” refund within 30 days of purchase. That’s how confident I am in the content of this life-changing program!

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