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Your Big, Beautiful, Rich, Full Life

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“Linda is truly a rock star – she’s the real deal.”
~ Erica Haray, Catch Good Health

In this FREE 4-Part Training Series, You'll Learn How To:

Define a Big, Beautiful Life that fits who you are

No more chasing someone else's definition of success. When you wrap what you're doing and how you're doing around who you are, success and happiness will meet you there.

Be who you are without worry, judgment or fear

Shed the worry and fear of judgment that is keeping you from living authentically and step into your magnificence.

Remove those pesky obstacles keeping you stuck

Trade stuck and settling for clear and confident when you identify and remove the real obstacles keeping yo from living your Big, Beautiful Life.

The Roadmap to Your Big, Beautiful, Rich, Full Life


The Details

When you start now, you get results sooner. When you start later, you get results later. When do YOU want results? Are you ready to accelerate the creation of your Big, Beautiful life? In Part I, you’ll learn which 12 accelerators will lead you to living your Big, Beautiful, Rich, Full Life as soon as possible.

At the center of your Big, Beautiful life is YOU. The career you’re in, the relationships you cultivate, the activities you engage in – are all an extension of you. The more disconnected these areas are from your true self, the less happy you’ll be. In Part II, you’ll learn how to reconnect with yourself so you can begin defining your Big, Beautiful Life.

Your mindset determines your reality and governs your attitude. Your behaviors and daily habits are created from your subconscious beliefs, which ultimately create your results. Worry and fear are products of a mindset. So are confidence, motivation and enjoyment. In Part III, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset around what’s possible and how you see yourself and others, so that you can create a Big, Beautiful Life of your own design.

One of the biggest obstacles to living a Big, Beautiful Life is the belief (conscious or unconscious) that you don’t deserve it. So, you spend your life hustling for approval or striving for perfection. In Part IV, you’ll learn exactly why you’re worthy of a Big, Beautiful, Rich, Full Life and how to finally, know this as fact, so that you can begin to love yourself and meet your own desires without guilt.

Learning how to do something is one thing. Actually doing it is another. Good intentions and the reality of what you’ll actually do on your own don’t always align. You’ll accelerate the creation of your Big, Beautiful Life when you combine learning with accountability and working with an expert and get results way faster than you could possibly get on your own. 

Living Learning Labs are the answer. You’ll have 3 opportunities to work directly with Linda to get into action and begin creating your Big, Beautiful Life for real.  For a truly transformative experience, you’ll benefit from having Linda by your side for accountability, coaching, debriefing your progress and course correcting. Each Living Learning Lab is 4 weeks long and takes place in a group setting, live with Linda, via Zoom.

Your Big, Beautiful, Rich, Full Life awaits!

Learn from a Master Certified Life Coach who has been where you are and is already where you want to be.

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Hi! I’m Linda. I’m a Master Certified Life Coach in Buffalo, NY, living my Big, Beautiful, Rich, Full Life; a life that, just a few years ago, I didn’t dare to imagine.

You see, once upon a time, I was exactly where you are now. My life looked great on paper, but inside I felt unfulfilled, uncertain, tethered, and stuck. I was in a career that wasn’t my idea of living life, in marriage that had more downs than ups, disconnected from who I was, doing things I didn’t want or like to do – and believing I had to live with things as they were.

Oh, but deep down inside, I was hungry for something more. I didn’t know what that something more was – but the more I grew to believe that change was possible, the more determined I was to find it.

I’ve been through the fire: the grief of loss, the ups and downs of change, the growing pains of rediscovering myself, and the challenge of starting over in mid-life both as a single mom and in a brand-new career. 

You’ve probably been through the fire, too. I’m here to let you know that your Big, Beautiful, Rich, Full Life awaits you on the other side. I know this first hand and I know how to get you there.

I created this 4-part free training series for you, to show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be. It’s my honor and my pleasure to be a part of the best and most important journey of your life.