Authentic Living Starts with Discovering Who You Are and What You Really Want

At every life transition, our identities shift which is why what you wanted at 19 isn’t what you want at 30 and what you wanted at 30 isn’t what you want at 55.

My mid-life clients say:
“My life looks great on paper, but…”
“I don’t look forward to work.”
“My career feels stagnant.”
“I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere.”
“What or who I wanted in my 20’s isn’t what I want now.”

And my 20 and 30 something clients say:
“I don’t want to get too deep into what I’m doing because I want to discover what I’m supposed to be doing.” Or they tell me they don’t want to make the mistakes they saw their parents make, going in the wrong direction or settling for less in a relationship.

I also have clients who feel as if they’re living someone else’s life. Their identities are so closely tied to the relationships and the job they have, that they’ve lost themselves.

And then I have some clients who are between jobs or have retired or are on the downslope of their career but are NOT ready for the rocking chair. They are itching to discover what’s next.

And then there are my Scanner clients. They are smart, driven people who have a widely diverse set of interests and a low tolerance for boredom. They simply can’t pick one thing to do when there’s so many appealing things on the menu of life. They stay paralyzed by the number of choices before them, worried about making a wrong move.

Can you relate?

All of the people I work with have one thing in common: They want to do what they love and feel a level of success that feels true to who they are. I call this authentic living. And it starts when you discover who you are and what you want.

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