4 Steps for Making Shift Happen – Step 4

In this video I’m going to address obstacles. I’m sure you know all about them. How you don’t see them coming; how they spring up right in front of you; how they obstruct your view; how they throw you off course.

There are 2 main classes of obstacles.

The first and often biggest class of obstacle is the kind you run into when you’re in your own way. Yes, I mean that YOU are an obstacle standing between where you are and where you want to be. Obstacles of this type fall into categories such as blind spots, emotional triggers and negative stories you make up about the future.The good news about these types of obstacles is that it is within your power to remove them. Often with the help of a good life coach.

Everything else falls into the second class of obstacles – those that you have no control over. These include circumstances outside of your control, like natural disasters, late flights, computer crashes and other people. This class of obstacle, while not within your power to remove, can still be dealt with. I like the Indiana Jones approach. When he wakes up in the pit of snakes, which, by the way is the only thing he is deathly afraid of, he takes the following approach. I imagine him thinking something like this: “Oh boy! I didn’t see this coming! Panic is probably the worst thing I can do. Instead, I’ll assess this situation and make a plan to get out of it. Then when I’m out, I’ll take a look around and determine what to do next to achieve my goal.” What he doesn’t do is make up a story with a bad ending like, “I’m going to die in here. I’ll never make my goal. I might as well accept my fate.” That would have only distracted him from the calm energy and critical thinking required to extricate himself from that obstacle.

So, whether the obstacle is within you or outside of your control, stop yourself from inventing negative outcomes and take the Indiana Jones approach.

You got this!