Coach Mentoring Testimonials

Becky MeinscheinI was stuck on how to move my business forward. Linda recognized in order to move my business forward, I had to clear my mind. She provided tools to get me to the other side. I am now clear and can plan and dream to make things possible. Linda’s strategies helped me become more self-aware and put my needs first so that I can assist my clients. Linda is awesome! She was supportive and gentle in making me accountable. It was exactly what I needed.

Becky Meinschein

MHHeadshotAs a new coach, I was struggling with the next steps to start and build my coaching practice. Through the Confident Coach program, Linda helped me to identify and eliminate obstacles that were causing me to get in my own way. I learned to focus my coaching practice and attract my ideal clients.

The investment was well worth it as I would have spent years learning and uncovering the insights that Linda was able to provide to me in a few short months.

Linda is giving, knowledgeable, encouraging and honest. I could not have made the progress I made in such a short time without Linda’s knowledge and guidance. Thank you, Linda!

Melissa, Orchard Park, NY

Melissa, Orchard Park, NY

Deborah Chalk

I took Linda’s 6-week Confident Coach Group Mentorship programme. I am so grateful for the heart and soul Linda put into this programme. This is an incredibly generous offering and wraps up the main focus points of a one to one programme that she offers into a group offering tied with a red ribbon, at an investment that is manageable for a coach who is beginning to get their work out in the world.

I loved that the weekly work just made so much sense and that I could actually get on with it rather than floundering about wondering what my next step was. You will be challenged if you do this, but in a way that isn’t scary as you will feel so supported all the way. Am I more clear and confident? For sure, and also sure that working with Linda was a fantastic investment in my business and in my future.

Deborah Chalk

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach
Life Feels Lovely

Deborah Chalk

Jessica FitzpatrickBefore Linda’s Confident Coach Mentorship I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to start a coaching business. I didn’t know how or where to start. I had a hard time conceptualizing charging for coaching if someone was in need. This mentorship gave me structure & clear steps to take to think about my coaching business differently, including how to market what I do.

And now I have a clear plan in mind that I’m able to put into place immediately. I’m also more confident in myself and what I can offer. I learned to value what I offer and to stop “prostituting my services.”

I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting started with their coaching business. The group members, all at different stages, were willing to give feedback and share their experiences, which was incredibly helpful in getting past some of my roadblocks. The course was easy to follow, but challenges you to really think about your coaching practice. Linda’s personality & the tools she used kept me engaged each week. I am sure I’ve saved myself years of struggling and mistakes trying to get clear & confident with my coaching- this has been an invaluable experience! Thank you Linda!!

Jessica Fitzpatrick

DariaHowellBefore the Confident Coach Group Mentorship I was vague about my niche and who my ideal clients are.  This program helped me to reach deep inside in a thorough and sequential way to identify my core philosophies and what exactly I help clients with.  And now I am clear and confident about the transformation I can help facilitate.  I highly recommend this mentorship because, not only does Linda thoroughly understand the thinking process that needs to happen, she “gets” where her students are coming from and loves them to a place of clarity and confidence.  That’s because she’s as spunky, big hearted and creative as the coaches she works with!

Thank you, Linda!

Daria Howell, The Hotness Coach for Ageless Women

ChristieOsbourne-profileI took Linda’s Confident Coach Group Mentorship Program to gain clarity and bolster my confidence for a new business consulting program I am offering. I am well-versed in the marketing and the importance of understanding one’s ideal client, proposing customer-focused solutions and how crucial an “authentic voice” in modern marketing. However, before Linda’s course, these ideas were  little more than intellectual exercises.

For example, I knew it was important to be authentic online, but come on, what does that really mean? Really? Marketing and business pundits have touted authenticity so much that it has nearly become meaningless. After this mentorship, I know exactly what that means. I have the perfect language and personal stories that will set me apart from my competition and attract my ideal client.

I have taken many other courses online, some with big-names and big price tags, but it wasn’t until Linda took me through the Confident Coach Blueprint that I was able to connect all of the dots. I can honestly say I now have clarity and confidence that springs from a deep, meaningful and visceral level, and not just an intellectual place. I know that this time, after this course, I have more than skills; I have an authentic mission for my business and the language to communicate it!

Christie Osbourne, Mountainside Bride

Jodi Jensen-SchuelkeWhen I first came to Linda, I was so lost and unclear, unable to hone in on the clients I really wanted to connect with or a niche. I knew how to coach, but I didn’t know how to structure my business in a way that felt good and was sustainable. In just a few months, Linda helped me become a confident coach, discover my niche, create my practice (and systems) and even write an eBook! It would have taken me years to do this on my own and I probably would have been frustrated and even quit. I’m so glad I invested in myself and hired Linda.

~ Jodi Jensen-Schuelke

Jodi Jensen-Schuelke, Relationship Coach

laura snyderI wanted to work with Linda because as a new coach I was feeling ‘stuck and confused’ and having trouble getting my business off the ground. I knew so strongly that coaching was the work I was meant to do in the world but I was having a hard time making my business unique to me and owning who I was as a person and a coach. I was getting trapped in the ‘shoulds’ and trying to do what other coaches were doing in their business – none of which were working for me. Linda helped me see that my business can be wrapped around who I am as a person…in fact; I now understand that is how I will be most successful!

As a result of working together, I’ve become CONFIDENT on who I am as a coach which is now what my business is rooted in and CLEAR on who I am meant to serve and why. With this clarity has come focus, motivation, and excitement back in my business.  I now have a hard time pulling myself away from my work because I feel so excited with what I’m doing! I know that is a direct result of having the clarity and confidence I gained from working with Linda.

I highly recommend The Confident Coach program to any coaches who feel stuck or need help gaining the confidence to get their coaching practice off the ground. Linda has coaching superpowers like none I’ve experienced before. She is a smart, funny, relatable coach that helped me transform the way I show up in my life and my business.

Laura Snyder, Life Coach

Munni ViscoThank you so much for today’s clarity session!! I really felt so much better and so much clearer at the end of it. You have a huge heart and a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing both your time and expertise. You are a talented coach and mentor!

Thanks again for everything!

Munni Visco, Munni Visco Life Coaching


Linda is truly a rockstar- she’s the real deal.  She is compassionate and kind, while being clear and concise with the wisdom she offers.  She is so tuned in, and nails it when she coaches you.  Linda has been on my radio show a few times, and I have absolutely loved our conversations and the wisdom she has shared.  She just gets it.  To say Linda helped me get clear during our Clarity Session is an understatement.  In just a brief time she helped me learn ways to speak directly to my people.  She cut through the b.s. that was holding me back, and shined a light on my path forward.

Thank you Linda!

Erica Haray-Butcher, Health Educator & Life Coach

Sas Petherick

I am SO much clearer and more confident than before we worked together. I have found the heart and soul of my practice is about thought work. I’ve discovered that the work I find easiest and most enjoyable has become my work in the world – and this is a universe away from my old paradigm of believing that work is a struggle and it had to be hard to count. As a result I’ve been able to really enjoy the first year of self-employment. I had my website completely redesigned to reflect this specialization and I have been fully booked ever since!

Your coaching was such a precious part of this process for me. I feel like you gently shepherded me through a really tricky transition from corporate world to setting up my coaching practice. You helped me see that I could trust myself – my intuition and my intellect – to steer me. One thing I remember we talked about – defining success for myself. So much about that for me, was autonomy – the freedom to determine my own schedule. This has never lifted and I am SO grateful that my time is now my own. It feels completely lush.

Next year I am planning on really scaling up my practice – I have a lot of ideas that I am allowing to percolate as I finish my dissertation. I don’t think I could have gotten here so quickly without your wise counsel right at the start.

Sending you so much love!

Sas Petherick, Thought Wrangler

Prior to my Clarity Session, I’d been feeling very conflicted about coaching and how it would play out in my therapist life.  You were able to help me see something I knew, but didn’t KNOW.  Since then, I’ve begun marketing my practice in new ways, held a group for the first time, and am developing a self-care coaching group for the summer.  I’ve been clearer about what I want, I’ve been clearer about how to get there, and I’ve been clearer about how to get out of my own way.  Thank you so much for the hard questions – being able to answer them pays off in big ways.

You’re doing amazing things!

Shana Sutcliffe, Counselor and Life Coach

Wendy LynneI wanted to thank you for our work so far and give you a big compliment…I have had several business coaches in the past and have consistently been disappointed. They all seemed to promise the sun, the moon and the stars and never delivered.

I am so happy with the mix of your stories and experience with the amount of listening and asking questions that you do. I am also super impressed with what you cull out of my responses. I am excited to see where this leads and it has been fun and interesting! My partner sees my excitement after our calls and told me he loves to hear what I have learned.

Thank you, Linda!

Wendy Lynne, Breakthrough Coaching

pam perryHi Linda-

Thank you so much for your time today! In all the time I’ve been teaching myself through reading and reflective writing for months, I’ve learned even more from you in only one hour!

Your insightful and truly authentic manner of interacting with me as a “coming of age” life coach was really transformative; it’s through your refined ability to get to the heart of the matter without jargon that oftentimes can be cookie-cutter or cliche.  Your way is just that–your way.  And, as such, your personalized coaching allowed me to see myself through my own unique lens and get beyond the clutter on my path.

Your clarity and focus held up a mirror for me to see where I am on my journey not only as a life coach, but in my personal growth.  This is rare, and emulates an approach toward learning about myself and helping others that I’ve not seen nor would have believed before talking with you today! I am so grateful for the opportunity of talking with you, and know I will be seeking your support and insight again in the very near future.

With deepest thanks!!

Pam Poole

Deborah Chalk

I got so much out of my Clarity Session with Linda. It was truly amazing to have Linda help me see things in a new way. She helped me celebrate where I am in my coaching practice and what I have achieved in becoming a Martha Beck certified coach. This was not just from the point of view of gaining the certificate, but much deeper than this. She gave me more of an understanding of how I have changed, which helps me understand more deeply what I have to offer my clients.

I think she has also helped me recognise the importance of creating the business that I want to create and that will feel great to me, rather than simply an idea created by comparison and a need to measure up with other coaches who are ‘making it’. This will help me to make my work more me, more authentic and one that is likely to be much more fun and more sustainable and probably a lot more successful.

Thank you Linda. You are amazing!

Deborah Chalk, Deborah Chalk Life Coaching

Lisa PanosAs a life coach in training, I have been all over the board with how I want to construct my new business and what niche I want to create. In just 30 short minutes, Linda helped me turn my angst and fear and uncertainty into a road map for future success. I feel a complete weight off my shoulders and am ready to head first into my journey. Bravo, Linda, Bravo!

Lisa Panos

Claire Noelle FrostLinda is one of the brightest lights in my life. When I began working with Linda, I knew there was something blocking my coaching business’s path, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Linda showed me that certain beliefs were slowing me down and helped me to replace them with highly effective ones.

For example, I had made a video for my website, but I was afraid that others would judge me for a couple of imperfections that couldn’t be fixed. For years, I kept it on the shelf as “unfinished.” Linda helped me realize that I want clients that value my authenticity. It suddenly felt wonderful to post the video, so I did!

Linda is a delight to work with. I am so happy I found her!

Claire Noelle Frost, Sacred Decluttering Coach


Working with Linda has been an extraordinary experience. I decided to work with Linda because I encountered some significant obstacles hindering the growth of my business. Linda’s positive energy and inspirational advice enabled me to identify new possibilities not only for my business but for my own growth and development, as well. This has been a transformational experience for me and I give Linda my highest and most sincere recommendation.

Marla Isackson, Owner and Founder, Heart of Gold US, LLC

Hannah TigheLinda’s energy and insight are truly spectacular.  Within 15 minutes of our first call, she called me out for a behavior that has been negatively impacting all of my relationships and self concept and has completely changed my thinking.  Every time I start to stress over that problem area, I hear her voice in my head and I have the confidence to move forward and to follow my own needs and intuition.  She also helped me tremendously with the ability to streamline what will truly work for me and my business and how to leverage my time more effectively.  I cannot say just how lucky I am to have been able to be part of this…truly changed my thinking and made me stronger!

Hannah Tighe, Social Media Coach, Chatterbox Social Media

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