The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. By being here, by reading these words, you’ve already begun that journey! And when you go from wanting something to intending to have it, you’ve just tipped the scales in your favor.

Here’s one thing I know for sure:
everything you need to live your best life is already within you, waiting to be discovered! 

Let's Get Started On Creating the Life You Want!


I remember having just certified as a new Life Coach. On one hand, I felt like the cat who ate the canary. I was filled to the brim with information that I was ready to share with the world!

On the other hand, I was filled with doubt thinking things like...

"Who am I to be doing this?" " Am I really qualified to be helping others?"

It was quite the emotional roller coaster! Do you feel the same? If so, I have good (no GREAT) news!

If you are:

  • A sassy powerhouse yet uncertain about what you want from life, or what your next steps should be
  • Intelligent and creative and tired of watching life happen to you
  • Dynamic, have a sense of wonder and feel eager to learn new strategies and move forward

I will help you:

  • Move from fuzzy and uncertain to clear on who you are and what you want...
  • Dissolve obstacles like fear, uncertainty, doubt, resentment, cynicism, and over-busyness...
  • Shift from feeling like an impostor to feeling authentically you...
  • Connect with your passions and find your purpose...
  • Go from floundering or paralysis to confidence and inspired action...
  • Move from powerless to empowered...
  • From stuck to flow...
  • From holding your breath to breathing easy...

What better time to start on that journey than starting today?

I'm Ready to Get Started!

Before Linda’s Confident Coach Mentorship I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to start a coaching business. I didn’t know how or where to start. I had a hard time conceptualizing charging for coaching if someone was in need. This mentorship gave me structure & clear steps to take to think about my coaching business differently, including how to market what I do.

And now I have a clear plan in mind that I’m able to put into place immediately. I’m also more confident in myself and what I can offer. I learned to value what I offer and to stop “prostituting my services.”

I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting started with their coaching business. The group members, all at different stages, were willing to give feedback and share their experiences, which was incredibly helpful in getting past some of my roadblocks. The course was easy to follow, but challenges you to really think about your coaching practice. Linda’s personality & the tools she used kept me engaged each week. I am sure I’ve saved myself years of struggling and mistakes trying to get clear & confident with my coaching- this has been an invaluable experience! Thank you Linda!!



Everyone is on a different journey and I’d like to be clear that my programs are not for everyone. They’re for people who are what I call, conscious expanders – those who choose to evolve their knowledge and joy in a conscious and purposeful way.

My programs yield amazing results when:

  • You’re all done being where you are
  • You are ready to look inward instead of outward
  • You’re ready to give yourself permission to be happy in all aspects of your life
  • You’re ready to take the wheel

When you go from wanting to INTENDING to create a life
and career you love, you’re ready for a seasoned coach to get you there.

Coaches are not cheerleaders or a shoulder to cry on – that’s what your friends are for.

Here's my promises to you:

  • Ask difficult questions, shed my light in the dark corners of your own inner wisdom, and help you find your own light
  • Help you find the part of yourself that knows what’s right for you, help you heal old wounds and discover what you want from life
  • Help you dissolve the obstacles that pop up and threaten to keep you stagnant and will show you how to navigate your life from within
  • Take you from spectator to creator of your life and leave you with a new perspective and all the tools you need to live a purposeful, joy-filled life
Let's Get Started!


Linda Bucher helps life coaches get clear on their business goals and confident on their ability to serve their perfect client so that they can start achieving the life (and business) of their dreams!

Linda remembers being a new life coach and being on an emotional roller coaster of excitement, trill, doubts, and fears. After building a successful coaching practice herself she realized that she wanted to help new life coaches Get Clear and Confident fast so that the floodgates can open up for them even sooner than it did for her!


Working together is a commitment to your future self, from you and from me.  It’s my job as a Master Life Coach to help you get unstuck, get clear on who you are and what you want, find your purpose and learn how to navigate joyfully and confidently  through life. What inevitably happens along the way is that you also experience inner healing, better life balance and strengthened relationships. You get to know freedom like you’ve never known before as you begin to identify and create the life you hunger for.

How? I use some  incredible powerful gems from my coaching treasure box and a combination of humor, music, authenticity, intuition,  boundless energy, and a generous helping of talking with my hands (look out!) to help you get clear on who you are and what you want out of life. We’ll clear obstacles from your path, break through the barriers of your past and present, and you’ll learn navigational tools to stay on course through life’s ups and downs. As we work together, you will smile, exhale, heal, and be inspired as you watch your desires unfold.

The first step to a coaching relationship is to schedule a clarity session. This is our chance to connect and your opportunity to get some space, guidance and support to GET CLEAR.

After your first clarity session you may decide to invest in your future even more. If we agree that partnering will get you there, we’ll talk about a program to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  A popular program is The Create Your Right Life Program, a 3-month intensive coaching program is specifically designed to take you from fear, uncertainty and doubt to a life and career you love.

Let's get started, shall we?

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